University of the Third Age

The Centre of Continuing Education introduced a study at the University of the Third Age. The courses are aimed at citizens over 50 years of age. Each student can choose their own study scheme according to an offer of one or more-semestrial courses of any of the departments at TUL. The courses are as follow:

More-semestrial courses:

  • Psychology
  • English
  • German for beginners
  • Communication and social development
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Theatre and music
  • Rhetoric
  • History of clothing culture
  • European Union
  • Czech history after 1945
  • Traditional technologies of clothes’ manifacturing and processing

One-semester courses and seminars:

  • Selection from C. G. Jung psychology
  • Psychodiagnosis
  • Theory and practice of bridge
  • PCs for beginners and intermediate
  • Kinetic exercise for seniors
  • Digital photography
  • Cultural history
  • Introduction in multimedia technology

Comprehensive study programs

  • Course of actual literacy
  • Cultural and historical and anthropological studies
  • Digital photography and computer graphic