Currently finished projects


Project No.: CZ.1.07/1.3.03/03.0017

Course of actual literacy

The project consists of preparation and pilot implementation of the three-semester course of actual literacy for subjects interested from among older middle generation, who need or would like to enlarge their skills in the social, medial, language, civil and financial literacy.

The objective of the project is to update – in form of continuing education – elementary literacy of citizens from among older middle generation and to establish a base for their top-quality professional performance, to increase their competitiveness in the labour market and to ensure further development of the course graduates.

The part of the project will also be a final conference designated for social partners from the Liberec District, subjects interested from among the older middle generation and pedagogues, part of which will be two-day working workshops for 30 persons interested, identical with prepared training subjects: Social communication, Communication in the working environment and Introduction to PC work

Development of the TUL employees’ English language competence

The project consists in completion of English language teaching for 225 employees and doctoral students of the TUL and will be completed by the TUL in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Languages.

The project includes:

  • Finalization of the educational programme of the English courses system
  • Preparation of activities in the LMS Moodle
  • Preparation of the customized manual for university workers‘ needs
  • Innovation of the educational equipment

Innovation of the course for educational counsellors

The project consists in innovation, enlargement and pilot check of electronic study materials for newly accredited Course for Educational Counsellors. The project includes:

  • Integration of 11 electronic modules in the Moodle environment via e-learning form in the accredited course: to prepare 13 study texts, of which 8 in the program „Kniha“ and 5 PowerPoint presentations and to complete them with feedback activities
  • Innovation of 4 printed study texts
  • Pilot implementation of the innovated system for 24 pedagogues of elementary and secondary schools
  • Completion of a seminar on the topic of equal opportunities in education for 30 educational counsellors from the region.

Course and study materials are ensured by the prominent specialists from Czech universities and practice. The project is completed by the CCE of the TUL.

Educational problems of the elementary schools

The objective of the project is to improve – in form of continuing education – preparedness of the elementary school teachers for solving of current educational problems, especially:

  • solving of frequent educational problems, as e.g. motivating of unmotivated students, disciplinary offences, crisis situations at teaching, communication with aggressive students, problems of children endangered by the environment and violence
  • solving of serious educational problems, especially bullying
  • solving of problems related with integration of handicapped children
  • solving of problems related with integration of children from socially weak families
  • solving of problems related with integration of foreign subjects‘ children

Another important objective of the project is consolidation of counselling activities of schools by providing teachers sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which will enable their cooperation with psychologists, special pedagogues and educational counsellors.

The third objective of the project is preparation of a collective volume of case studies prepared in form of semester projects and completed with an expert comment of a psychologist with a long standing practice in the area, who will be freely at disposal for teachers within the network of the Centre of Education of the Liberec District.