Basic information about centre

The Centre of Continuing Education was established in 1994, as a special President’s department at the Technical University of Liberec. The centre is one of four Phare Centres in the Czech Republic, i.e. centres that have both technical and personal equipment on such a level that they can be connected to European network of open and distance learning. In this time we have 7 full-time employees.

The main objectives of the centre are to:

  • Develop activities of the lifelong education for tutors and pedagogues of primary and secondary schools
  • Co-ordinate and organize continuing education courses for university graduates of TU of Liberec
  • Provide continuing education courses according to requirements of technical faculties
  • Provide information and methodologies of lifelong education for pedagogues

At this moment the centre offers continuing education courses for 700 students.

Courses organized for the Faculty of Education in TU of Liberec:

  • Course of pedagogy for practical subject and vocational training teachers
  • Course of pedagogy for educators and leisure time pedagogues
  • Course of pedagogy for teachers
  • Four-semester course of special pedagogy
  • Course for guidance counsellors
  • Psychology for managers
  • Course of actual literacy
  • Four-semester course of school psychology

Technical and Personal Equipment of the Centre

The Centre of Continuing Education residues at the building B of University residence Harcov, 17 listopadu.

In 1998 the reconstruction of non-used University rooms was done for distance education purposes, including a study room and a multimedia classroom. The equipment was financed from Phare means and was innovated from subvention of Ministry of Education in 2005. A new multimedia classroom enables implementing of multimedia to our distance education activities.

Personnel of the Centre:

Eva Dvořáková (eva.dvorakova@tul.cz)

Management and Consultations:
Jitka Pacltová (jitka.pacltova@tul.cz)
Šárka Doubravová
Marie Židů

Secretaries: Libuše Ryšánková, Petra Palaščáková