Studies in the field of educational sciences – supplementary studies

Supplementary studies to obtain the qualification of a 2nd grade of elementary school teacher and of high school teacher.

Study characteristics

Study in the field of educational sciences - supplementary study to obtain the qualification of a 2nd and high school teacher is intended for graduates of non-pedagogical universities who work or are interested in working as a 2nd and high school teacher. This is a study that leads to the fulfillment of qualification requirements of pedagogical staff in accordance with the law. The aim of the study is to enable graduates to perform qualified teaching practice. Graduates will acquire a set of professional and personal skills that are necessary to perform the profession of pedagogical worker. They will acquire the competencies necessary to lead the teaching of the subject and the implementation of the school curriculum at the level of education. Graduates will obtain a qualification for both levels of schools, ie the second stage of primary school and for secondary schools.

The course is designed in accordance with § 8, paragraphs 1d and 2b, § 9 paragraphs 1c and 2d and § 12 letter c of Act No. 563/2004 Coll., on pedagogical staff and § 2 of Decree No. 317/2005 Coll. and in accordance with § 60 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments to Other Acts (Higher Education Act). The course is accredited under No. MSMT-27544 / 2021-4-943.

Study organization

The educational program takes the form of combined study, which is based on a combination of full-time and distance learning. Full-time teaching takes place on weekends (usually on Saturdays, twice a month) in the premises of the Technical University in Liberec. Distance learning is based on support activities that are implemented through LMS Moodle. Part of the teaching is also a reflected practice. Teaching lasts for four semesters (2 years) with a time allowance of 155 hours of full-time teaching and 100 hours of reflected practice.

The study is completed by a commission final exam, which has two parts:

  1. Final thesis defense.
  2. Oral final exam in pedagogy, psychology and didactics, including subject.

Admission to study

There is no entrance examination. The condition of admission to study is university education, experiences in education are advantage. The study is focused only on certain fields of university study, TUL does not guarantee the admission of those applicants whose studied non-teaching field is far from the intentions and possibilities of the study organizers. The Rector of the Technical University in Liberec decides on admission on the basis of the recommendation of the professional guarantor of the study.

Study price: The admission fee is CZK 500. The price of the study is CZK 7,900 per semester

Application deadline:

Round 1 - until June 30, 2022

Round 2 - until September 15, 2022

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